With a stunning range of stylish bathrooms and kitchens in life like settings, you will not find a better collection. Browse this site to see a sample.

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Urban Wet Rooms are the ultimate in minimalist style. If you’re looking for that all-in-1 showering experience, take a look at our wet room collection.

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Every desire in the kitchen is individual and unusual. The perfect kitchen is exactly that which matches your very personal needs and habits.

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We can take on a project from start to finish – everything from plumbing to tiling, and even the flooring, so you don’t have to worry.

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Include our knowledgeable and helpful staff, a free design service and the option of a guaranteed installation then you will understand why we call ourselves bathroom and kitchen specialists.

Visit our showroom in the centre of Fleet to see the many varied styles installed and a wealth of brochures for you to view. Or simply contact us for more information, to find out for yourself how your dream bathroom could soon become a reality.

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My wife and I are very pleased with both the quality of the work and the professional approach exhibited by your staff …..Finally, may I reiterate that I would be more than happy to recommend your company for similar work should you so wish and I’m sure that I will also require your services again in the future.

Mr G G - Bagshot

Thank you for all your hard work, we are very pleased with the result.

Mr S T - Fleet

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Darren and Steve for your professionalism and the quality of the workmanship. This continued throughout the project despite several problems and delays, most of which were out of your control.

Mr A S - Fleet

I would like to thank you and your team for an excellent job – we were thrilled with the new bathroom and now use it all the time. Everyone was a pleasure to have in the house and it certainly seems quiet now the job is complete.

Mr & Mrs J C - Fleet

Many thanks to you and your team for an excellent and timely job.

Mr & Mrs H T - Farnborough

Maxwell Bathrooms Showroom


All About Wet Rooms

Have you ever wondered about having a wet room fitted? Perhaps you’ve never been able to see the advantage of a wet room over a standard shower, or perhaps you just know what a wet room is? Hopefully, this article will give you some answers. What is a wet room? A wet room is essentially a shower room without the shower screen and tray. In essence, you can regard it as an open plan shower room. Water has to be drained away of course, so the floor must be graded to channel the waste water into the drain. Why fit a wet room? Wet rooms are especially suitable for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. They are extremely stylish and fashionable. A wet room installed as a second bathroom can increase the value of your property. However, we don’t advise fitting a wet room as a main, or only, bathroom as this could have a negative effect on property value. Can I install a washbasin in a wet room? Yes, but if the room is small and splashes from the shower could reach the washbasin, it is advisable to fit a screen between the show and washbasin. There is also no reason why you can’t install a toilet, but it is advisable for both toilet and washbasin to be wall hung to provide a clear floor area that can be easily dried and cleaned. How can I heat a wet room? The best way is to install under floor heating.. This ensures that the floor tiles dry quickly, and of course, makes showering a much more pleasant...

Supplier Focus – Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa is one of the world’s leading tile, bathroom and kitchen manufacturers and features prominently on Maxwell Bathroom’s list of suppliers. Apart from the quality and design excellence of Porcelanoso’s products, the Company is also committed to technological innovation. The latest development from Porcelanosa has resulted in its Mood electric taps for basins, bathtubs and showers, The Mood electric taps system permits flow restriction and temperature control by means of a digital control panel. The temperature, the flow, and the running time can be set, using the panel, according to the user’s needs. By looking at the panel every user can be aware of the energy consumption used at any moment, thus providing a more efficient use of the resources.  For a more detailed view of the Mood electric taps, take a look at this video. You can also find more details on Porcelanosa’s website here. For details of all Procelanosa’s product ranges, download or view their 2015 catalogue...

Trends in Bathroom Design for 2015

The traditional bathroom, featuring lots of tiled surfaces – walls, floors and even ceilings, are now being seen by many people as old hat. In the same way that people like to personalize their bedrooms or lounges, bathrooms are being designed to provide ambience that turns bathing into an experience rather than a necessary function. Here are some of the trends in bathroom design for 2015. Bathroom Living Your bathroom needn’t look like a sterile operating theatre from your local hospital. One of the recent trends, which will almost certainly continue into 2015, is that named ‘bathroom living’, where the bathroom is designed to look more like a bedroom or living room than a traditional bathroom. Bookshelves, vanity units that resemble dressing tables and furniture, such as a small upholstered chair, give the bathroom the ‘bathroom living’ feel. The Personal Touch Bathrooms featuring bold, colourfully designed tiles and floors give a personalized feel that moves away from the sterilized look of the traditional white tiled walls and matching tiles floors. Natural Materials Natural materials are now finding their way into bathrooms. In particular, woods, such as teak, provide a relaxing feel and, at the same time, are hard wearing with extremely good insulating properties. Copper If you’re tired of the traditional ceramic look why not consider a copper bath? Copper retains heat well and, as such, is ideal if you like a lengthy soak. What’s more, in the right setting even a modern setting, copper can look stunning. Gold The metallic theme continues with gold. Brighten up a neutral design with gold fittings and accessories. Not necessarily to everyone’s...